How much do webtoon artists make?

How much do webtoon artists make?

Webtoons have become increasingly popular among readers in recent years, and as a result, webtoon artists have been gaining more attention. Webtoons are digital comic strips that originated in South Korea and have since found a global audience.

They are created by artists and published on online platforms where readers can access them for free or through a paid subscription service. However, the question remains, how much do webtoon artists make?

Before we delve into the answer to this question, it’s essential to understand how webtoon artists make money. Webtoon artists earn through various channels such as advertisements, merchandise sales, contests, and paid episodes.

Advertisements appear between episodes, and artists receive a commission based on the number of views or clicks on the ad. Merchandise sales occur when webtoon artists create and sell their merchandise, such as clothing or accessories, using their webtoon’s characters.

Contests are accessories run by the platform or through other organizations. The contest prizes range from monetary compensation to an opportunity to publish on the Webtoon platform or someone else. Paid episodes are episodes paid for by readers who wish to read ahead of the monthly schedule. The artist usually gets a portion of the revenue generated through this paid subscription service.

One of the leading webtoon platforms globally is LINE Webtoon. LINE Webtoon offers monetization options to its artists, including their ad revenue share program, tipping program, and paid content. To participate in their ad revenue share program, artists need to have more than 1,000 subscribers and 40,000 monthly page views.

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The tipping program offers fans the opportunity to donate directly to artists. As for paid content, LINE Webtoon provides artists with the option of publishing exclusive content only accessible through a paid subscription service.

However, an artist’s earnings from webtoons depend on several factors, such as their audience size, the platform they use, and their level of success. The same goes for how much they can earn. Many webtoon artists on platforms such as LINE Webtoon and Tapas have stated that their earnings vary widely, from practically nothing to thousands of dollars per month.

Some webtoon artists have shared their experiences openly, providing insight into their income levels. For example, in a post by Reddit user u/AdmiralZero, who is a webtoon artist, they revealed earning approximately $80 on Tapas for every 10,000 views for ads, which amounted to $400 each month. They also earned an additional amount, ranging from $100 to $500, for merchandise sales and commissions, respectively.

Another example is a webtoon artist who goes by the name Dustinteractive on social media. In a YouTube video, the artist revealed earning around $23,000 from LINE Webtoon after their comic strip successfully reached the platform’s Featured section. The Featured section is where only selected comics are featured, and they usually have a higher chance of reaching wider audiences and generating more revenue.

The earning potential of webtoon artists is not limited to the platform they use. Some artists have generated significant income through other channels such as Patreon, a crowd-funding platform that allows fans to support their favorite creators. Patreon provides an alternative source of revenue for webtoon artists who wish to offer extra content or interact with their readers directly.

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In conclusion, webtoon artists’ earnings can vary greatly and depend on several factors, from their level of success to their audience size and the monetization options available on their chosen platform. Artists who manage to create a successful webtoon with a significant following and reach the Featured section of major platforms like LINE Webtoon can generate a substantial income.

However, for those starting, the earnings may not be comparable, and some may even struggle to make any money at all. Finally, webtoon artists may explore additional revenue streams such as merchandise sales, contests, and Patreon to enhance their overall earnings.


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