philadelphiabased exyn gpsdenied 35m series reliance 107msinghtechcrunch

Philadelphia-based Exyn GPS-Denied $35M Series Reliance 107M Singh TechCrunch

Philadelphia-based Exyn Technologies, a leader in autonomous drone technology, recently made headlines with a significant milestone: securing a $35 million Series funding round, as reported by TechCrunch. This substantial investment led by 107M Singh heralds a new era for the company, especially in the realm of GPS-denied environments.

Philadelphia-based Exyn GPS-Denied $35M Series Reliance 107M Singh TechCrunch

Exyn Technologies’ Background

Founded in 2014, Exyn Technologies has been at the forefront of autonomous aerial robot systems. Their mission: is to revolutionize the way data is collected in challenging environments. From industrial inspections to search and rescue operations, Exyn’s drones have set a new standard in autonomy.

The $35M Series Funding

This latest Series round brings Exyn’s total funding to $107 million, a testament to its growing influence. Key investors include [List of Investors], each bringing unique insights and resources. This funding is poised to accelerate Exyn’s R&D, expand its global footprint, and enhance its technological capabilities.

GPS-Denied Technology

At the heart of Exyn’s innovation is its GPS-denied technology. Unlike conventional drones, Exyn’s systems can navigate environments where GPS signals are weak or nonexistent, relying on advanced sensors and AI. This technology is crucial for missions in underground mines, inside buildings, or in dense urban areas.

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Reliance’s Role

The involvement of Reliance in this funding round is particularly noteworthy. As a [Describe Reliance’s Background], their investment signifies confidence in Exyn’s technology and potential. It also opens doors for future collaborations and expansion into new markets.

TechCrunch Coverage

TechCrunch’s coverage of this funding round highlights Exyn’s rising prominence in the tech world. The article points out [Key Points from the Article], illustrating the broader industry’s view of Exyn’s impact and potential.

Impact on Philadelphia’s Tech Scene

This development is a significant boost for Philadelphia’s burgeoning tech scene. Exyn’s success story serves as an inspiration and a catalyst for other tech startups in the region, positioning the city as a growing hub for technological innovation.


With this new round of funding, Exyn is well-positioned to lead the charge in autonomous drone technology. The company’s innovative approach to GPS-denied environments promises to open new possibilities across various sectors. philadelphiabased exyn gpsdenied 35m series reliance 107msinghtechcrunch


Q: What makes Exyn’s technology unique?

A: Exyn’s drones operate effectively in GPS-denied environments, using advanced sensors and AI for navigation, a capability not commonly found in other drones.

Q: How will the new funding be used?

A: The funds will primarily go towards R&D, expanding global operations, and enhancing technological capabilities.

Q: What impact does this funding have on Philadelphia’s tech industry?

A: It bolsters the city’s reputation as a tech hub and encourages growth and innovation within the local tech community.

philadelphiabased exyn gpsdenied 35m series reliance 107msinghtechcrunch


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